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Bon Weekend

La Petite Maison Verte: Bon Weekend

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bon Weekend

As I sit here at Sophie's in Hyde Park sipping on what is probably my 19th iced coffee of the week (I told you I just can't get enough) I am enjoying what is already proving to be a blissful weekend.

I am happy to say I have lots of exciting things coming up in my life....

I'm writing a guest post for a fellow Tampa-area blogger!  I'll be making something delicious and sharing the recipe over on the Parkesdale Farm Market blog in a couple of weeks.  I'll let you know when it's up and posted, but in the mean time check out Xiomara's site - it's full of yummy recipes and healthy inspiration.  Xiomara is a triathlete AND mom of two little girls - if that doesn't inspire you to get out there and and exercise, nothing I ever say will!

my 5-ingredient coconut ice cream

Yesterday, one of my recipes was featured on the Daily Buzz Top 9:  Splurge with Homemade Ice Cream.  If you didn't check it out before, here is the recipe for my delicious homemade Coconut Ice Cream with just 5 ingredients! I'll admit, it feels really good to be recognized for something I've written.  While I love writing my blog for the pure creative process, I occasionally feel a little bummed when nobody comments on a post or "likes" my shared post on Facebook.  I tend to draw a lot of my confidence from the opinions of others, which I know isn't good, and I'm working hard to change that.  But still, every once in a while when something I do is recognized, I light up on the inside.

As if that wasn't enough, today my review of the Village Health Market was featured as Yelp's Review of the Day!  How cool is that?!

On Thursday I was surprised with these beauties sitting at the front door!

And even better than that, I get to see the sweet guy who sent them in a week and a half :-)  It's been a LONG two months and I'm just giddy with excitement that it's almost over.....

Tomorrow is Sunday, which means Yoga in the Park.  It has become one of my favorite weekend rituals to attend this free, outdoor yoga sesh in Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa.  It is the perfect end to the weekend and always helps me to relax and re-focus for the week ahead.

And in other exciting news, I have a couple of awesome giveaways coming soon!  I'm not saying what or when but just know that they're coming and if you like food even half as much as I do, you'll want to check back often in the next few weeks for your chance to win some of my recent favorite things ;-)

Here's a hint for one of the giveaways....

crunchy deliciousness...and that's all I'm going to say for now.

Well, that's all I have for you today.  I hope you're having a happy, relaxing weekend with family and friends.  I hope you'll join me as I try to live in the present moment and cherish these long summer days!




At July 21, 2012 at 4:23 PM , Anonymous Heidi said...

I love this entry!!! It is just filled with happiness and anticipation. It's beneficial for all of us to take stock of our week through reflection and then begin a new week feeling refreshed. Miss you & can't wait for those giveaways!!!


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