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Weekend Getaway - Update!

La Petite Maison Verte: Weekend Getaway - Update!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekend Getaway - Update!

I already knew I had the best husband in the world. A husband who will spend an hour massaging my sore legs after I overdo it at Power Hour. A husband who knows exactly how to calm my nerves when I'm stressed out or upset. A husband who lets me be myself and loves me for who I am. A husband who loves to surprise me.

His "best husband ever" status was confirmed on Wednesday when he told me we could go away this weekend :) In my last post, I was lamenting the fact that B said we couldn't go away for Memorial Day. Why the change of heart? Who knows, but I'm not one to complain! (Maybe he read my blog post?!!??) Once we decided on Charleston, SC and decided that Hudson would come with us, I had to try to find a hotel that had room for us AND our little dog. Since it was very late to be booking a hotel, especially for a holiday weekend, I immediately got to work calling up B&Bs, local inns and hotels. After at least 20 rejections, we finally were able to book a two-night stay at The Charleston Place Hotel (ranked among the Top hotels in North America by Conde Nast Traveler!!)

The location is perfect, downtown close to lots of shopping, restaurants and parks. B and I love to walk (and Hudson does too!) so we're looking forward to exploring Charleston by foot.

After we get back, I'll be able to give recommendations for dining, shopping and sightseeing. But here's what we're looking forward to:

a Sweet & Salty Brownie at Baked

a stroll along the battery

shopping at the Old City Market

afternoon tea at the Thoroughbred Club

...stay tuned for photos!

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