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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coming Soon

Having visitors is no easy feat.  It's been wonderful having my Mom and Dad visiting in Tampa for the last week.  But that plus starting a new job has meant that my free time has been almost non-existant.  And when I do have a spare minute, I'm usually passed out on the couch, exhausted after a (fun) filled day.

We've had a such a great time this week:  spending time at the beach, exploring Tampa by boat, walking Hudson all around the neighborhood, dining on gourmet meals and hitting our favorite local Fro-Yo spot.  I haven't cooked as much as I usually do because we've been eating out a lot.  It will be good to get back to our normal routine, but I will really miss my parents too.  They fly back to Maryland tonight and then we're having more company come this weekend.

I hope to get a few posts up before then because I know things will be busy with more guests at the house. Here's a little sneak peak of a fresh, springtime salad I know you'll love....

Is it Springtime where you are?!



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